Parental Care Consultants
What We Do

Parental Care Consultants has the best to offer. Those employed are caring and compassionate professionals with over 20 years experience in geriatric care. They are knowledgeable, friendly and understand the concerns of individuals searching for ways to meet the needs of their loved ones.

Parental Care Consultants is celebrating 10 years of service this year. We collectively bring 70+ years of nursing experience to the field.

  • We focus on primary prevention in the home to decrease incidents of crisis.
  • We have assisted many clients and families in making difficult decisions about health care.
  • We provide oversight and management of home health providers at home and in facilities.
  • We audit hospital charts for appropriateness of care given.
  • We monitor medications, labs and procedures performed.
  • We manage all non-medical needs including home repair and pet care.
  • We advocate for the client when family is at a distance.

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