Parental Care Consultants
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Due to the complexity of health care today, the expertise of a professional registered nurse with clinical experience will provide appropriate choices for long-term care options. The care managers have a diverse background having worked in all health care settings including, hospital, nursing home, and home health.

Parental Care Consultants is an independent Geriatric Care Management company. We have no vested interest in any recommended service including home health agencies or facilities. All referrals are based solely on the service company's ability to meet the client's needs. 

Please be aware that many home care agencies and hospitals today are employing case/care managers and usually offer this as a free service or part of their service.

There is a difference!!!

Home Health Agency/Hospital

  • Not always an RN
  • Loyalty to agency that employs them
  • Caseload usually 40 - 60 clients
  • Available during workweek
  • General oversight, limited consultations with families

Parental Care Consultants

  • Only experienced RN's
  • Independent - chooses agency/service that continues to meet client needs.
  • Caseload 1 - 10 clients
  • Available 24 hr/day, 7 - day/wk
    (Example. Will be at the hospital at 3 a.m.)
  • Supervises and coordinates all services client requires. Available and communicates with family at a frequency they request.