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Due to the complexity of health care today, the expertise of a professional registered nurse with clinical experience will provide appropriate choices for long-term care options. The care managers have a diverse background having worked in all health care settings including, hospital, nursing home, and home health.

Parental Care Consultants is an independent Geriatric Care Management company. We have no vested interest in any recommended service including home health agencies or facilities. All referrals are based solely on the service company's ability to meet the client's needs.


Rene’ Carr, RN

Rene’ Carr is the owner and founder of Parental Care Consultants. Her primary focus has always been geriatrics. She has held various nursing positions throughout her career.These include Hospital Charge Nurse, Home Health Nursing and Nursing Home Supervisor.

Rene’ has been in care management for over 20 years. She has assisted many clients and families in making difficult decisions about health care. She provides oversight and management of home health providers at home and in facilities. She audits hospital charts for appropriate care given. Monitors medication, labs and procedures performed.

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Free Consultation

Free Confidential Inital Consultation

Parental Care Consultants is a dedicated care management corporation.

Long-Term Care Management

Oversees and manages all aspects of client needs. Our service embraces medical needs but is not limited to just that.

Complete Assessment with Report

Provides clients with a report identifying and evaluating their current health, functional, psychosocial and safety needs.

Placement Assistance

Provides the client with a brief assessment of level of care needs which includes a review of current situation.

Medical Record Review

An independent review of all available medical records is generated from various providers by an experienced RN.

Welcome Home Services

Provides assistance to seasonal clients to assure that their home is ready for their return.

Hurricane Preparedness

Ensure client has adequate supplies and makes hotel reservations if necessary.

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Dear Rene,
I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge about Boynton Beach healthcare resources and your insights about how to support my family as they navigated COVID. My uncle ended up having to be hospitalized and my aunt took him straight to Bethesda West as you recommended. They were extremely happy with the hospital and received the antibiotics and Remdesivir he needed to turn the corner and recover.

He just came home this weekend and is continuing to improve. Thankfully, my other family members seem to be ok and they have the support they need. Thank you for emailing me so quickly with your advice and for helping us so directly. My family are lucky to have you in our lives.

 With immense gratitude,
-Deb and Tim